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Add to Mood Board #16: City Limits

Posted in Mood Board by willgk on September 27, 2010

This is a fashion film by Kris Moyes for Romance Was Born called City Limits, it is absurdly amazing, it makes me want to commit gorgeous murder.


Add to Mood Board #15: Drops of the Dome

Posted in Mood Board by willgk on September 27, 2010

An example of a Islamic architecture in Iran. It is ridiculously beautiful.

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Model: Julia Nobis

Posted in Fashion by willgk on September 27, 2010

Julia Nobis is the model on my mind right now. As is she on the minds of other fashion thinkers too. She is an Australian model from Sydney. She features on the front of this months Oyster magazine and has an editorial therein. It strikes me a such a sparkling indication of modeling chops when you can have the cover of an internationally recognised magazine, in a polo shirt from your school.

Julia Nobis on the cover of Oyster Magazine. Photo: Rene Vaile.

The rest of the editorial (featured inside the magazine) is in a similar relax vein, with Julia at play ground and various locations around her home. To me this editorial represents the best example of Nobis as a model. She is stunningly relax, poised and regal.

In a recent, Dazed and Confused editorial there was an amazing photo of her in Jil Sander, which seems to me the label that would be best fitted to her. Also the combination of Nobis and Dazed is a pretty good one. Nobis is clearly one with a different attitude within the fashion world, and Dazed is all about fashion’s sub-cultures.

Julia Nobis in a Dazed and Confused editorial wearing Jil Sander. Photo: Kacper Kasprzyk via Fashion Spot.

In this photo she just extols the beauty of the garment with a non-chalant ease that the compounds the beauty of the photograph and demonstrates her aptitude and power as a model. Curiously, Nobis was not cast in this or last seasons Jil Sander show.

Another British magazine that is interested in different takes on fashion that suits Nobis is i-D magazine. They had a little interview with Nobis and a few photographs. One of the photographs shows my favourite feature of Nobis, her profile, exceptionally well.

Julia Nobis in an editorial for i-D. Photo: Will Davidson via Fashion Spot.

I love the angle of her neck and her nose. The photograph, in general, is wonderful; the light combined with her blonde hair gives a lovely muted shine.

It seems that London is in love with Julia Nobis, with two Dazed and Confused editorials, an i-D magazine editorial, the most recent Burberry Black campaign and chocker-block London Show Season last and this season. However it isn’t only London, with a much coveted editorial in Vogue Italia and appearance on the Prada runway it seems there is a bit of love in Milan. But of course in Australia there is much love with two articles and two editorials in Vogue Australia, and two Russh Magazine editorials. What sparked much of this may have been the Calvin Klein exclusive at last seasons New York Fashion Week.

I am definitely excited to see how far and where she goes in the fickle world of modeling.

Add to Mood Board #14: Pink Eye

Posted in Mood Board by willgk on August 29, 2010

Pink Eye by the artist Marilyn Minter

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Add to Mood Board #13: Gold

Posted in Mood Board by willgk on August 29, 2010

Raf Simons Double Monk Strap Doc Martens

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Crystal Insects

Posted in Fashion by willgk on August 29, 2010

So two months ago was Australian Fashion Week (slow I know) where this wonderful creation, below, from the Australian label Romance Was Born was presented. Romance Was Born, designed by Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett, who are known for their fantastic sense of fun and fashion whimsy. Hitting the pop-cultural nail on its scattered head: their collection focused on monsters of all kinds. The imagination throughout the collection was thick, however the look below was the one that caught my eye.

Rachel Rutt backstage wearing a look from the Romance Was Born 2010 Spring collection. Photo: Rene Vaile.

I suppose what caught my eye was the amorphous bustle-like attachments to the dress. They give the look contradictory feeling of both: the past and the future. The past where comically large, fake child-baring hips were the supposed fancy of noblemen, and the sci-fi future of crystalline flank jet-packs. To me the bustles seem to signify a play on the maligned figure of women these days, in that the bustles are adding a feminine sexuality that is so often missing these days.  Perhaps it is time that women forget about looking man-like and start looking like super-womanly baby-bazookas. Another thought, this look sparked was that this world looks towards the future in a curious way. In that the look brings with it a mystifying sense of what-the-fuck that is both wonderful and “dehumanising”. But people, in general, like to look like people. Excepting the likes of Pete Burns, Jocelyn Wildenstein and Amanda Lepore, who we love for rejecting humanity like the rebuked bitches we are. What makes this look is that: fashion isn’t for people, it is for souls. This look has soul.

Rachel Rutt backstage wearing a look from the Romance Was Born 2010 Spring collection. Photo: Rene Vaile.

When I noticed the insect-like antennae and the crystal wings, I decided that she wasn’t meant to be human at all. Despite the rather misty blues, pinks and purples, this is an exoskeleton; an armour. This look is about strength, support and offensiveness. The wings running down the spine and the child-bearing hip protecting bustles signify a protective casing that guards and enables the wearer the power to do whatever they please; armoured like a stegosaurus, hard like gemstones and with horns to match.

I decided that she was an insect, or at least some sort of human-crystal-this hybrid life-form. This spliced-gene-monster provides a wonderful combination that is imbued with strength, humour and intelligence. Both insects and crystal are hard, colorful, often translucent and shiny, however insects are dirty and low while crystals are pristine and high. This strong connection in the physical is not the same in the abstract. Is this difference because of the variation in physical manifestation or the fact that insects are animate and uncontrollable?

It reminds me of the Thierry Mugler’s Chimaera dress. Though perhaps not as beautifully realised, the wonderful imagination and feel for paradoxical fashion is very much present. Go to 2:15.

Wonderful Monsters!

Add to Mood Board #12: Dry Orchid

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Add to Mood Board #11: The Goddess Joanna

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This my favourite musical artist Joanna Newsom, singer, harpist and all-round genius, wearing a beautiful and typically idiosyncratic Comme Des Garçons trench coat. Idiosyncratic for both Joanna and Comme Des Garçons.

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You, my Queen, are the fairest of them all.

Posted in Other by willgk on June 7, 2010

As everyone knows the Queen from Snow White is the shit.

Over the past month and a half of writing this blog, I have enjoyed writing this blog, when I had the motivation. That was probably the major problem, motivation. I have a lot to write about in terms of what I would say about the fashion but writing a blog post about it never really seemed to come easily. On the one highly fashion based post that I have done, while writing it I spent a good six hours writing and researching the post because it was something I was keen on writing about. Granted some of those hours were lost to being side tracked. The difficulty with each post was getting started, finding the motivation. I suppose, though, the difficulty decreased as I racked up the posts and the time taken to write the post was shorter.

Another motivating factor was readership. In beginning of course I had no readers which meant that their was little point for me to write the blog. But then I linked my blog to my friends facebook page because she asked to see the blog and that was a major spike in readership. From this point onward there was a couple of readers a day so that was motivating, no matter how vane it sounds. Another friend linked House of Kay on facebook yesterday so there was another spike.

After the first facebook linking I found that I was getting readers from the fashion tag part of the wordpress site where House of Kay was featured. Looking like this:

Which was quite exciting. However I received many more viewers from the facebook linkages. But nevertheless that was exciting.

Another part of starting the blog was whether I should adopt a persona whilst blogging because I thought that it would be interesting, but I decided against it because I thought that fashion is fun already, so there was no need to over do it.

The wordpress platform was actually a joy to discover looking at all the side tabs. Fiddling with the look of the blog and the widgets  such proved exciting. However occasionally it was difficult to get what I wanted and I am still unsure of some aspects that I would like to add to the blog.

Ways that I think that I could improve the blog are though better contextualisation of the content especially the Mood Board category posts. Also the use of search engine optimisation (using phrases of with more searches on search engines) could help with the circulation of the blog.

In the future I think I would like to continue with the blog with perhaps more focused posts on fashion rather than the whole fashion blogging phenomenon. Perhaps, a bit of a focus on models too because as I said in first post the body is the major constraint in fashion, and I have a penchant for exploring constraints. I weirdly love constraints. On the topic of constraints I think the constraints for this blog of writing and posting on structure and fantasy are nicely focused, because they are often linked and I think they interesting. Also I think that my posts in future could be more concentrated; fewer words, more punchy writing.

Overall the blogging experience has been an enjoyable one, a nice creative outlet that could keep me interest on going into the future.

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Add to Mood Board #10: Spines and Exoskeleton

Posted in Mood Board by willgk on June 6, 2010
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